Credibility and Who We Are

Cosens Web Consulting was created by Chris Cosens to help businesses develop their online presence.  Many businesses struggle with getting the amount of exposure they need to grow. We have taken businesses with zero online presence and turned them into players in their relative area.  We have a track record of success and experience that we would love to bring to your business. Our goal is to work with you to grow your business. Every business should benefit from having a website, a proper social media strategy, and more. We’ve found that the biggest struggle most business owners have is a lack of time. The drive to want to accomplish everything yourself limits the amount of time you can spend running your business and making sales.

We will create a unique marketing strategy for your business that your competition will envy. You will become branded on the Internet and customers will be able to easily find you.

To view some of our recent work please visit our portfolio page here. 

Chris Cosens (Owner of Cosens Web Consulting) graduated at the top of his class earning his Bachelor’s Degree in Internet Marketing from Full Sail University in Orlando, Florida.  He has worked along side some of the most rapidly growing businesses in Michigan such as Salon 1, Cosens MMA, Ann Arbor Mixed Martial Arts, Bay Cafe Catering, BJay’s Pizza, Pizza One, and many more.

“Most small to mid sized businesses owners do not understand how powerful consistent online marketing is for their business. It’s measurable, cost effective, and easy to monitor. In 2013, mobile devices are expected to exceed desktop usage on the Internet.  This means there will be millions of people on their smart phones trying to find your business.  If you do not have an effective online marketing strategy, you will be left behind.  Please let me help you grow your online following.” -Chris Cosens