Is Facebook Helping Your Business? If Not, Then You Need Our Help!

It’s safe to say that Facebook is here to stay.  Facebook has nearly 1,000,000,000 users. That’s right, nearly 1 billion users.  It has changed the way we live our lives.  If your business is not on Facebook, you are losing money every day.  The problem  most small business owners run into with Facebook is that they do not know how to use it properly.  In order to find success on Facebook, you must first build a following.  If you post something on a page that no one follows, you will not get a response.  We will work with you regularly to come up with a strategy to consistently build your Facebook page’s following.  After you have your following established, it will start to grow organically.


Posting pictures and extremely valuable offers will keep your customers engaged with your Facebook account.  We want to use Facebook to connect with our current customers with the hope that they will lead us to new ones.  Contrary to popular belief, Facebook is not a place where we want to bombard people with advertisements.  You want people to “like” or enjoy viewing the things your business posts.  We need to provide our following with valuable and even entertaining content.

What would you do if you had 1,000 people to send a message to for free any time you wanted? How about 2,000 or even 10,000?  The sky is the limit with Facebook.  As long as it’s used properly, it should be one of the number 1 assets to your marketing arsenal.

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